Main Features


Because of the self-service nature of Itelmatic, it is not necessary to have a custodian assigned to the box 100% of the time. This makes Itelmatic easier to use and saves time that can be used to address other mission-critical tasks.

Aggresive ROI

The Itelmatic not only significantly enhances our customer’s operations through greater efficiency and effectiveness, it also has a very attractive return on investment (ROI).  Our customers have realized an ROI of between 2-5 months depending on the amount of use.

No lost tool in 2 years

After over two years of operating at locations across the United States, the Itelmatic has a flawless track record.  Not a single lost tool!

Pocket Level Control

Provides total control for each single tool, linking each tool to its specific drawer and pocket. Itelmatic guarantees 100% real-time accountability.

Solution used by the U.S. Air Force

We are proud to be part of the great technology infrastructure of the U.S. Air Force.

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Customer Feedback

We held a Battle-Lab brainstorming session with 15 other Air Force bases on the tool control issue. The Itelmatic already meets 90% of our ideal requirements which is astonishing because they were intended to be unreachable
1Lt, USAF Maintenance Flight Commander 317 AMXS/MXAAP AMC