Itelmatic controls individual items, like tools, assets, equipment, weapons, as well as kited items, like ratchet sets, automatically.
It consists of a secured access toolbox in a self sustain mode (similar to a vending machine, but easier) where users can easily check out and check in single or kited items with 100% real-time accountability.
Some of the important features are:
– Ability to identify each tool with a unique “DNA” chip. This helps in preventing a user returning another user’s tool.
– Space-age epoxy’s ensure chips only come off when you want them to. Our team of scientists have created several state-of-the-art bonding agents that will prevent the chip for coming off the tool while in service.
– Control at Pocket Level.  Controlling each tool down to the individual item level is critical to properly manage calibration cycles and needs-service requests.  Software automatically tracks individuals tools and pieces of equipment during their calibration cycles and will not allow users to check-out tools that are overdue calibration.  The system also generates automatic alerts to tool managers and custodians for tools that are coming due.