IDZ was founded in 2004 on the idea that radio frequency identification (RFID) and other identification technologies could have a profound impact on efficiency and productivity for the military and aerospace sectors. By adopting a customer-focused approach and developing solutions hand-in-hand with military clients, IDZ has created tools that fully support the AFSO21 and Lean Six Sigma philosophies. IDZ is on the forefront of RFID technology development; the company holds two U.S. patents with twenty more in process.

We are a Texas Small Business, with a sales office in Austin and a manufacturing facility in San Antonio. Our sister company, RFID Mexico, has offices in Monterrey, Mexico.

IDZ’s core business is based on proprietary, cutting-edge technology. We are the providers of the all-encompassing RFID NativeTM solution. IDZ works in strong collaboration with Universities, world-wide research and development centers and high profile employees including Ph D’s, Masters and Engineers.

Our Mission

Become the leading world-wide provider of automated tool and asset management solutions.

Awards and Leadership

IDZ has gained recognition as a leading and innovative company in the development of technology in Mexico. Recently, IDZ has been recognized for its achievement with different awards. Among these awards are:

  • Prize for Acceleration of Technology Companies (Premio a la Aceleración de Empresas de Tecnología). This prestigious prize is awarded by the Economy Secretariat in concert with the University of Texas at Austin (UT) and the Agency for Promotion of Technology Companies IC2 (Incubadora de Empresas de Tecnología).
  • Sole source technology contract for Dyess AFB
  • Nominee of the Tech Innovation Award, 2009
  • Tecnos Award, 2009