Can the RFID chip come off of the tool?

IDZ, in conjunction with a leading University and state-of-the-art research and development laboratories, has designed a process to affix RFID tags to tools. We have selected different adhesives for each type of material. This process must be followed in order to ensure that the RFID tag does not come off. In our experience, now for more than three years, when the process is followed, we have not had any case of a chip that comes off. Training and a manual for the usage of these adhesives and processes is performed during implementation stage.

Can you track the tools on the jobsite and find it if it is lost?

There are different solutions that complement Itelmatic in order to accomplish this goal. Please contact  engineering team for information about these options at or 1 888 4 RFID NOW.

What if I want to change some tools of my configuration?

Flexibility is one of the highlights of the Itelmatic.  Changing configuration is as easy as it is in a normal foam tool-box. You can either do it by yourself making or modifying your tools configuration foam and aligning the RFID reader in the bottom layer. Or having a service agents that will ensure that your configuration is exactly how you want it.  Optionally, state-of-the-art software will generate an optimum layout that managers can use in the configuration layout process.

Who has used this solution?

Currently, the U.S. Air Force is the biggest user of the Itelmatic.  Our users are at the operational level on the flight line, in the hangars, and in the backshops every day. Other current usages of Itelmatic are for different type of need like controlling access to weapons for the training police personnel or managing access to samples for a work-gear manufacturer company.

Do you lease the solution?

Leasing, rent, and other creative options are available to accommodate for budget needs.

What do I need for running a pilot?

Pilots will ensure that you solution fits your needs perfectly without a huge expense.  Our team will work with you through these steps.

What temperatures does Itelmatic supports?

Current operations are configured for inside and outdoor use from 15-120 Fahrenheit.  A ruggedized version is available for increased hardship.

Is it water proof?

The regular version comes with IP41 (Most, wires, screws, dripping water) and it can optionally with an additional cost, be upgrades to IP53: dust protected (ingress of dust is not entirely prevented, but it must not enter in sufficient quantity to interfere with the satisfactory operation of equipment) Spraying water (water falling as a spray at any angle up to 60 degrees from the vertical shall have no harmful effect)

Can I attach the chip to new tools without need of your technicians?

Yes, chips are easily mounted on tools and encoded with specific information by tool room managers.

Can I have someone from my company trained for the basic support and trouble shoot?

Yes, training is an integral part to our solution.

Can my current toolboxes be retrofitted?

Itelmatic wants to ensure the highest standard of quality.  Therefore, we prefer to use new and proven toolboxes. However, you can contact sales team and provide with your toolboxes characteristics and together make the best decision.

Do you sell the tools? Or can I use my current tools?

IDZ offers a comprehensive solution and will work with tool room managers to ensure all the proper tools and equipment, either new or existing, are ready for service when Itelmatic is delivered. We can sell you the Itelmatic with tools of your preferred brand or we can use your current tools.

Do you have to send the tools to your facility? If so, for how long?

Sending your tools to our facility is not necessary. However, if you are looking for the Itematic Ultimate version and you wish us to manufacture your tools foam, then we need to scan you tools to ensure the best quality of the Tools foam with the exact shape of the tools. In this case, you can either send your tools to our facility for one week or use our Mobile Laboratory for scanning the tools at your facilities.

Do you have GSA, CCR, ORCA? Are you small business?

IDZ is a small business and certified federal contractor through CCR.  We are working on a GSA schedule now and expect to be on schedule shortly.

What is the smallest size of item you can control?

We control 100% of your items either through tagging or kitting. However, smallest size of the RFID tag is 0.197 inches (5mm) diameter so, tools where this tag can not be attached should be controlled by the “Second Set of Eyes” process.

Can I upgrade my system to newer versions?

Yes, we are constantly upgrading and pushing new software platforms based on your immediate feedback.  You will always stay current and relevant to changing regulations and missions.  In order to get this newer versions you need a Service Contract Agreement.