Itelmatic Basic with ultra high frequency (UHF) technology

Itelmatic Ultimate provides tool control with accountability and efficiency.

• Provides control for each tool at toolbox level, assuring that users will return the tools to account for complete toolbox inventory

• A semi-interactive solution that will indicate any issues to the mechanic at the moment the toolbox is closed and secured, including whether or not she/he is returning their own tool, if the tool is restricted, if it needs service/calibration, etc.

• Provides tool and toolbox inventory and usage records that can be accessed locally or remotely for comprehensive management (e.g. lean initiatives)

Features of Ultra High Frequency (UHF)
Upon Closing/Securing of Toolbox Drawers:
• Sensing of Tool Presence
• Control and Information of Battery Charged Items
• Toolbox Inventory
• Restricted Items Alerts
• Battery Life of 24+ Hours
• High Level of Accountability (depending on metal density of environment)
• Easy Layout Reconfiguration