RFID Combined HF and UHF Solution

Itelmatic Hybrid provides the user with a customized level of accountability at the drawer and tool level

• For more critical items, such as sockets and restricted tools, the user can use a HF tag, providing the highest
level of accountability in real-time.

• For less critical items, a UHF tag can be attached, allowing the user to reduce costs while still having tool
accountability at the drawer and/or toolbox level.

• Only tools with UHF tags can be read by RFID portal, through the human body, but with no level of
reliability (readability)

• Can determine which drwares and tools he/she would like to have 100% accountability or a basic level of
accountability and tool management

Features of High Frequency (HF)

•Pocket Level Control
100% Interactive
100% Real-Time Sensing
•Real-Time Control and Information for Battery- Charged Items
• Message indicating tool is not fully charged and telling pocket number where “good” or better charged item is.
Real-Time Toolbox Inventory
Real-Time Control of Restricted Items
• Counts seconds of tool out of tool box

Features of Ultra High Frequency (UHF)

Upon Closing/Securing of Toolbox Drawers:

• Sensing Tool Presence
• Control and Information of Battery Charged Items
• Toolbox Inventory
• Restricted Items Alerts
Battery Life of 24+ Hours
High Level of Accountability (depending on metal density of environment)
Easy Layout Reconfiguration